Eric the Thespian




Eric L. Williams

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 160 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown




Pulpits                                                    Rev. Collier                 Dream 7 Productions

Advising Uncles                                 Merv                              Dream 7 Productions

Cultural Millennium                         Upper Crust                Dream 7 Productions

GEMs                                                       Bobby                           Dream 7 Productions

Stories of Our Lives                           John                              Destiny Theatre Experience

Tied Up                                               Brian                           Dream 7 Productions

Bearded                                              Charlie                         Dream 7 Productions

The Conscientious Objector                Andrew Young           Destiny Theatre Experience

No Child                                             Chris                            Destiny Theatre Experience

Love Ballad                                                                            Dream 7 Productions

The Face of Emmett Till                     Henry Spearman         Sista Styles

Oedipus Rex                                       Oedipus                       TSU Theater

Dance on Widow’s Row                    Randolph                    TSU Summer Stock

Jitney                                                   Shealy                         TSU Theater

Macbeth                                              Lennox                        TSU Theater

Fool For Love                                     Martin                         TSU Theater

The Minor Keys                                  Mickey McDuff          TSU Theater


Film and Television

Smoke Patrol                                       Male Employee 2        Matthew Lewis

Chelsea’s Love                                    Gabe                            Erica Heater

Dodge City                                         Extra                           Ridley Films/Privateer Prod.




Acting                                                                                     Tennessee State University

Directing                                                                                 Tennessee State University

Play Production                                                                      Tennessee State University